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White Daisy Trio

Today, just a photo for your enjoyment.

White Daisy Trio


Suddenly-Scary Moment

So … when a person decides to become a blogger that blogs about the bloggable life they lead, it can suddenly get scary. It can suddenly get scary when said person starts to write a blog post and realizes that people said person actually knows might decide that today’s the day they are going to finally start reading said person’s blog and the blog said person is considering, well wanting, to write could have less-than-positive repercussions if those people do read what said person would post if said person weren’t such a scaredy cat.

That is exactly the suddenly-scary moment this said person just encountered.

Do I continue to write the post I really feel compelled to write and throw caution to the wind? (read this next bit with a strong sarcastic head voice, pleaseSure! What could possibly go wrong?! (okay, that’s the end of the sarcastic bit – thanks!)

Maybe I’ll write it and just not post it. At least I would get the thoughts from my head to the page. That would help some. Or would it? What if there was a system glitch and it got posted without my actually doing so? That could happen, right?! What if people I know actually started following my blog and then read it after it was accidently published and then got mad at me even though it wasn’t my fault?! That would SO not be okay.

But, then, I don’t think most people I know pay attention to what I write anyway, so maybe it wouldn’t be a big deal after all! (yep, a little poor-pitiful-me moment there  — I’m done now)

You know what? I think I figured out what to do!

I’m going to the grocery store instead.



Soul Good

Having a puppy to play with, cuddle and love.
That’s soul good.

Listening to music that makes you tap a toe, cry or sing along.
That’s soul good.

Sitting around the campfire with friends and family.
That’s soul good.

Feeling the wind through your hair as you ride a motorcycle on the backroads.
That’s soul good.

Watching your children grow and become amazing adults.
That’s soul good.

Seeing a sunset that is brilliant in color.
That’s soul good.

Living the life you love, with whom you love, doing what you love.


Copyright 2016 Lisa Shrefler – All rights reserved.

To You Guys

To the wrong seat on the bus

You were the worst kisser ever.

You are just a blip on my life’s timeline.

To the huggermugger

You saw me.

You made me feel special and worthy of love.

You are the boldest, brightest mark on my life’s timeline.

To the dance partner

You helped me find me.

You are the unrequited love of my life and yet you loved me in your own way.

You are the color change on my life’s timeline.

To the student

You were what romance novels are based on and too good to be true.

You are the scene from a movie on my life’s timeline.

To the lost boy

You shared your most unique life with me.

You are a moment of pause on my life’s timeline.

To the pirate

You showed me how credulous I was.

You lead a life shrouded in lies that almost cost me dearly.

You hold the darkest part of my life’s timeline.

To the bolt of lightning

You showed me how tremendous, intense and painful love can be.

You devour the most space on my life’s timeline.

To the manly man

You showed me I was still capable of loving and being loved.

You helped me realize desires I thought might not happen again or at all.

You are an all-too-brief, but wonderfully powerful part of my life’s timeline.

To the player to be named later

You better bring your a-game, whomever you turn out to be.

copyright 2016 Lisa Shrefler – All rights reserved.


I love to write and I love taking photographs. Deep in my soul, I feel the need to share both. I used to think it mattered how many people followed any of my previous blogs, but I now realize that I don’t want to this to gain a following. I want – and need – to do this for me.

I hope you will follow and share your thoughts. If you choose not to do either, I will still be writing, taking photos of what appeals to me and sharing both here.



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