Here we are. Again. The early days of a new year. It’s a time to reflect, remind, resolve, return, refocus, remember, rewind, resume, repair, renew. It’s an opportunity to take a deep breath and move forward while shaking off the rough patches of the past.

For me, it’s a time to remind, refocus and resolve.

I remind myself of the little things that bring me joy.  Things like getting away from it all in a comfortable RV, sitting by a lake watching the sun rise while listening to the world come alive, sleeping in on a Saturday morning next to the man I love – just because I can, going for a motorcycle ride on the back roads to anywhere. Things that are essential to the health of my soul.

I refocus on things that I have a passion for but told myself I “didn’t have time” to do in the past.  Things like writing and photography.  I’ve been told – by people with far more skill and experience – that I have an eye for photography and my writing is pretty good.

I resolve to spend 2017 (and beyond) filling more and more of my time with things that I have a passion for and feed my soul.  So, as I navigate the dating world (again) to find my Mr. Right & Forever, I will be writing more, taking more photographs and sharing both here.

To that end, here’s one more “r” for you.  A rose to welcome in 2017.

May you find your “r” and follow it to a better year.

Happy 2017!