It was a beautiful late winter/early spring day and I had a new camera to try out. Without any specific destination in mind, I drove off in a westerly direction, toward the foothills. Everyone so often I would stop at a park or pull over when something caught my attention but everything was too … ordinary. I knew I wanted to try something different with any photos I took. I wanted to find flora, fauna, structures — things that had a story to tell, things that I could find a unique look to.

I pulled into a park so I could get out and stretch.  Then, I discovered the park included an amazing lake with bits of ice still holding on for dear life to the rocks and reeds around the edges. The ice glistened and sparkled just perfectly. I took a few shots, but got distracted when I saw the steel railing of the bridge nearby. That had potential, I thought. I headed over and took shots from every angle I could. Nothing was quite right. Then, just for the heck of it, I decided to try shooting straight along the railing itself. This is what I got. And, for a long time, was a favorite among my friends.

Bridge railing circa 2008  WM

While a bridge railing may still be “ordinary” to most people, I think – for my first official print in what has become an eight-year long endeavor to find a following – it is a good portent of things that came after.